3 stocks to buy if the market crashes

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A market crash may be around the corner, the market is in turmoil and mostly all stocks are bleeding red right now, this comes after unemployment numbers surged last week, following possible signs of a market crash according to mixed economic signals.

What’s happening in the markets right now?

The DOW, NASDAQ and S&P500 are all bleeding red. It takes no common sense to see that the markets are turning red as the economic show signs of inflation and mixed signals.

  • Global stocks extend declines, as bond yields rise and commodity prices jump, as growth and inflation prospects improve.
  • Johns Hopkins professor sees U.S. herd immunity in April, while Britain eases lockdown restrictions and plots its exit from the pandemic.
  • Copper prices hit fresh 9.5 year high, while Brent closes in on $60 per barrel as demand prospects improve and Texas output delays boost prices.
  • Benchmark 10-year Treasury note yields test 1.40% in overnight trading as Fed Chair Powell prepares for his Senate Banking Committee testimony later today.
  • Tesla shares slide to the lowest levels since Christmas as rival Lucid Motors gears up for new listing. 
  • U.S. equity futures suggest a weaker open on Wall Street ahead of fourth quarter earnings from Home Depot and Macy’s and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony at 10:00 am Eastern time.

Commodity prices continue to suggest a big rebound in global demand over the second half of the year, with three-month copper futures in London rising to a nine-and-a-half year high of $9,305 per ton in London trading and Brent crude testing the $66 per barrel market in early European dealing.

The corresponding moves in bond yields suggest investors are way of the inflationary impact of both the new stimulus and the pace of the recovery, with benchmark 10-year notes hitting a fresh 13 month high of 1.396% in overnight trading. 

3 Stocks to invest in if a market crash occurs

  1. ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ (SQQQ)
    SQQQ provides 3x inverse exposure to a modified market-cap-weighted index of 100 of the largest nonfinancial issues listed on the NASDAQ. 
  2. Microsoft (MSFT)
    MSFT is a technology S&P500 company that will provide dividends, even if the market crashes you may still get income from dividends.
  3. JP Morgan Chase (JPM)
    JPM is a banking and financial corporation that will provide dividends, even if the market crashes you may still get income from dividends.