AITX: A Sleeping giant in AI Security

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX) announced on Tuesday of February 23th that it has received a large expansion order from a Fortune 50 client. They also reported that this order is their highest dollar volume order commitment to date, “a nine-unit Wally HSO order from a Fortune 500 company with the ultimate end-user being a renowned Fortune 50 global company.”

The company is days away from closing FY 2021.

“These orders mark the single largest dollar value order received since we started RAD and since this user opts to purchase these units there will be a significant positive impact on the company’s Q1 revenue and earnings”

Steve Reinharz – Ceo of AITX

AITX will also announce additional anticipated orders and dealer channel activity at a later date.

Why you should invest in AITX

AITX is completely going to change the security space with AI and Robotics. AITX continually receives orders and reorders from Fortune 100-500 companies, and even the top 50 companies in the Fortune 100-500.

With orders continually rolling in, the stock price will surely reflect the partnerships.

Many AITX clients have been collecting data and information on the performance and will continue to collect performance data of AITX robotic solutions and so far, it has been positive, much more than that of AITX’s closest competitor Knightscope.