Boeing (BA) backed Aerion plans to go public via SPAC

Boeing (BA) backed Aerion plans to go public via SPAC

Shares of Altitude Acquisition Corp (ALTU) has seen a surge in trading volume today, Boeing (BA) backed Aerion plans to go public via a SPAC merger with the blank check company.

Aerion is currently developing what it calls a “sustainable supersonic aircraft” which they claim takes carbon emissions out of the air to use as fuel for their supersonic aircraft.

The company also claims that their supersonic engine with the help of GE Aviation, is quiet and most efficient supersonic engine in history.

No super sonic boom reaches the ground

  • AS2 will operate at a top speed of Mach 1.4 (1000mph)
  • Where regulations allow supersonic flight without a sonic boom reaching the ground, the AS2 will operate in the Boomless Cruise™ autopilot mode between Mach 1.0-1.2.
  • Boomless Cruise™ takes advantage of a well-known atmospheric phenomenology called Mach Cut Off where the sonic boom refracts off denser, warmer layers of air.
  • Aerion is collaborating with Spire Global who offer incredibly accurate weather tracking and predicting solutions through its proprietary constellation of satellites.
  • Spire Global will provide high fidelity weather models that will be coupled into the Aerion’s Boomless Cruise™ technology to compute an optimized flight plan where the AS2 can be flown at supersonic speeds.
  • Aerion and Honeywell are collaborating on a new revolutionary avionics and connectivity suite for the AS2 incorporating Honeywell’s next-generation, state-of-the-art flight deck and Forge platform. All aspects of the new avionics suite will support supersonic flight and Boomless Cruise operation.

Aerion enters into space hypersonic agreement with NASA

A couple weeks ago, the company has announced that they entered into an agreement with NASA for hypersonics. The goal of this agreement is to study the accelerating realization of commercial high-speed flight and faster point-to-point travel.

The two companies will engage in research and development on a future generation of ultra high speed or high mach aircraft.

Could Aerion be the next Boeing (BA)?

In the years ahead, a green future may just be realized. Business and political leaders around the world are everyday exploring possible technologies and innovations to lower carbon emissions and eventually achieve net zero emissions.

Business leaders like Bill Gates predicts that we can reach net zero in 30 years and with President Biden being a champion of a greener and more sustainable Earth, it could be the biggest launch into what I call the Green Initiative.

I predict that Aerion will become the green Boeing, the company with the help of Biden certainly brings high potential upside for the company.