Clickstream (CLIS): Heypal Social Language Learning

HeyPal is a social network where you can learn new languages by communicating with other people, watching videos, browsing feeds etc. and explore new cultures. Founders call it Facebook of language learning.

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  • Instant messaging – sending text, audio, images, videos (video and audio live calls later)
  • Social media platform – with language feed content (every language has its own feed – ‘culture surfing’ – you can dive into the language or the culture which is far more realistic and better to learn than playing flashcards etc.) + global feed content
  • Translation features – text – you don’t need to use translator and copy paste your text, it can translate straight away by hitting send button or by swiping while texting someone, audio (probably later)
  • They will continue to add new features


HeyPal is already released in 10 small countries for beta testing. They already fixed some bugs and only few are remaining at the moment. They also focus on testing the website performance so they can be ready for a large inflow of new users and they’re making sure everything is secure. They communicate with users about bugs and things to improve or implement and are getting very positive feedback from them. People and teachers like the app and they also think it could be huge.

In the first week of testing – 1,490 members, 50,349 messages sent, 9,438 translations, 2,192 likes and 428 posts were made on HeyPal’s “language feeds”. And Isaac said it’s much higher numbers as of yesterday. They will release updated stats next week.


Isaac Nakash  CMO (Youtuber with billions views and 11 million subscribers when he was teenager His dream to own a social media platform came true. UI designer

Tristan Chaudhry – CTO, software developer, making websites and apps since he was 12, one of the first litecoin miners.


The app is currently available for iOS and will be soon released for Andriod users. In the future they will release their apps for computers, digital watches and more. Since the CMO is a youtuber, the launch will be huge on platforms like Tiktok and Youtube, etc.

This app is great for learning new languages with real people in real-time. I think creating a social media app around those benefits would make this app more uncompetitive with other social language learning apps because of those benefits mentioned.

In my opinion, this would be a great investment if you want to invest in a social media app that teaches people new languages in real time with real people, it’s more useful learning from real people rather than a bot or scripted program.