How Tesla (TSLA) is revolutionizing the auto industry

How Tesla (TSLA) is revolutionizing the auto industry

I was reflecting on Tesla (TSLA) and all the major breakthroughs made in the automotive industry as a whole and I noticed that ALL the most important ones in the last 10 years were made EXCLUSIVELY by Tesla.

No one else.

Tesla have been the FIRST to do everything!

This may seem hard to fathom but there are none.

So I actually sat down and contructed a definitive list of all the accomplishments made by Tesla and created an easy to read master document.

I have not seen anyone on the internet make an actual list, so I created one myself.

Feel free to copy and paste it, save it as a document, alter it, update it! Please correct me if anything is wrong! Add more if you can think of any!

This list may justify Tesla’s current seemingly over-weighted value as a stock.

So far, I have at least 60 breakthroughs I can list!

Some of this you probably already know. But there may be some that are new to you which you haven’t considered!

I think even the most fanatical Tesla fans are underestimating just how forward-thinking and far-stretched Tesla has gone to consolidate so many revenue streams! I am not going to focus on battery and solar in this research as that would be too much for this document to handle.

In this list, you will notice three key things:

  1. Tesla are the FIRST company to make the breakthrough while all other car manufacturers are trying to catch up, by COPYING what Tesla has done or doing nothing at all!
  2. Many of these breakthroughs are either 5 years ahead of the traditional automotive manufacturers or they are simply not doing it and never will because it’s too hard!
  3. Many of the breakthroughs are actually a DELETION of something unnecessary to save money, rather than an addition. In fact, you will notice the absence of the part opens a whole range of opportunities and capabilities to the company (“The best part is no part.” This is an ingenious concept)

I have broken down this list into categories:

  1. Source of energy
  2. Specifications in safety, acceleration and range
  3. Payment structures and sources of income
  4. Functionality & software
  5. Vehicle & factory construction
  6. Deletions


  1. Tesla are the first, successful battery-powered electric vehicle company (which catalysed the EV revolution) – Tesla’s single biggest accomplishment, and now, every automotive company is attempting to copy & catch up.

2. They are the first and only company to make this new type of engine profitably*!* NIO, Xpeng, Li Auto, Lucid, Fisker, Rivian, Ayro, Electrameccanica, Arcitmoto etc. are all still in heavy debt, and will be for at least another 3 years!

3. First company to develop their own in-house supercharger network, deleting the need for their customers to fill up at a petrol station. There are 16,000 Tesla superchargers in the world as of February 2021. No other car manufacturer as of yet has an in-house supercharger of their own, despite the fact that many have had an EV in their fleet for 1 to 2 years. Instead, the other car companies have resorted to outsourcing their chargers to other suppliers, who charge the customers a lot more for their use. Tesla cars can use both the supercharger network and all the other alternative charging station companies, while no other EV brand can use Teslas due to incompatibility between the plug inlets and outlets. This limits the range anxiety of Tesla users.

4. First car company to release Vehicle-2-Grid charging – i.e. you can charge up your house from your car. This feature actually existed in the older Tesla models, but was never adopted for the wide market due to lack of use, and was subsequently deleted.

5. First car company to provide battery-as-a-service (granted, this was subsequently phased out due to lack of uptake and the trial was deemed a failure, but Tesla were the first to do it, NOT NIO!) BaaS is currently very expensive to build and scale.



6. First car company to ever receive a 5-star rating on their ENTIRE fleet, making their cars the safest commercial cars on the planet.


7. First car capable of going from 0-60 mph in less than 2 seconds -i.e. Tesla Model plaid, making it the fastest commercial car ever made. (Lucid Air is just over 2 seconds)

8. First car company to be able to download additional acceleration features to the car so that it drives faster (at a price of 2,000 dollars)


9. First EV company to break 500 mile range – Longest range vehicle on the market at 520 miles – Tesla Model S Plaid. plus. (Lucid Air with > 500 mile range will be released in September 2021)

10. First car company to develop a 1,000,000 mile battery car – a Tesla car had already accomplished this feat last year. (Source: Now you Know Youtube video)

11. First car company to be able to give customers the opportunity to download additional range to their car for free, using an over-the-air software update; did so in October 2020. But Tesla could charge 2,000$ per update for all existing cars in the fleet in the future. This will likely happen to mitigate the Osbourne effect.


12. First EV-only company to become quarterly profitable in May 2013.

13. First EV-only company to become annually profitable from November 2019 to current quarter.

14. First car company to adopt contactless car purchasing & delivery, meaning that no human contact is required from payment to pick up – This helped boost Tesla sales from March 2020 to the present during the pandemic. It took other car companies many more months to adopt the same feature due to limitations of distributing their vehicles through car dealerships and poor company integration.

15. First car company to provide optional in-house Insurance to their customers. This source of revenue will be worth a lot more in the future once they have assimilated all the necessary data from its current customers, and can release the product to the wider market at a markedly reduced premium to any of its competitors due to the intelligence gained from the customer data.

16. First company to receive over a billion dollar in ZEV credits from rival car companies, a ridiculous situation where for every ICE car sold by a rival automotive manufacturer, Tesla receives a fee of 3,300 dollars!

As a result, Tesla made 1.6 billion dollars in ZEV credits in 2020!

17. First major car company to purchase bitcoin and use as a form of payment– Tesla purchased 1.5 billion $ in bitcoin in January 2021; Bitcoin has already jumped 66 % in less than a month to an all-time high, giving Tesla 1 billion dollars worth of free additional money. Bitcoin’s value is likely to increase further over the next few months; In fact, thus far, Tesla has made more money from Bitcoin inflation during this month alone, than the all the net profit made on all their cars sold in 2020! (see Yahoo finance) It is likely that other car companies will wait another year before they do the same, meaning the longer they delay, the higher the value of Tesla’s bitcoin will go up. If other car companies do decide to adopt bitcoin, this will raise the price of Bitcoin further and also push Tesla’s bitcoin fund even higher! It’s a double-win situation for Tesla. This is similar to the ZEV credit situation.

(*Some dealerships selling ICE cars from the likes of BMW accept Bitcoin as payment, but not from the car companies directly, this is unique to Tesla)

Moreover, there are an estimated 30,000 bitcoin millionaires in the world. They could use their Bitcoin to purchase a Tesla Model S Plaid Plus at a price of +150,000 dollars per car.

30,000 Bitcoin customer buyers X 150,000$ per car = 4.5 billion $ of gross profit!


18. The first frunk adding extra space into the car (excluding rear engine ICE cars)

19. First car company to have self-generative braking in an EV (around since 2007)

20. First company to have a HEPA filtration system

21. First company to have an I-pad for the central console i.e a wide-screen, high resolution, high fidelity Touchscreen

22. First car company to centralise almost all functions relating to the car into the central console.

23. First car company to have over-the-air software updates – customers get a free software update about once every 16 days! (SOURCE: Car and Driver)

24. First car company to develop a smart phone app which controls ALL functions of the entire car including the ability to summon.

25. The first EV car to have summon mode

26. The first car company to adopt hyper-sensor input technology into all their cars– 8 surround cameras with 360 degrees of visibility with 250 metres of range, along with 12 ultrasonic sensors. This is for Full Self Driving!

27. First car company to place full self-driving software into all its cars and release it as a package to their customers. (I will concede that full self-driving hasn’t been realised yet but hardware and software is in ALL the cars!)

28. First car company to release an enhanced autopilot function

29. First car company to begin beta testing of full self-driving, occurred in October 2020

30. First in-house built video game released into the cars through a software update–Tesla has a collection of video games available on their gaming platform, Tesla Arcade. You can even use the steering wheel as the control for a driving game. The platform can even play The Witcher 3, an extremely computationally heavy videogame that you can only play on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

31. First car company to have built-in forward, rear and side facing security cameras. Most people have to buy separately.

32. First car company to have sentry mode – a setting in which the car monitors all suspicious movements and records them, these are superior to the typical dashcams you have to buy separately for other cars!

33. First car company to release dog mode – a function that maintains the ambient temperature of the inside of the vehicle while your dog is in the car. The vehicle alarms if the temperature goes above a certain level, saving the dog from exposure to overheating.

34. First car company to have the Netflix / Youtube / Hulu / Karaoke apps in the car.

This is only the beginning!

NOTE: Notice how centralizing the console enhances overall functionality and adds extra features such as enhanced security, watching TV and playing video games, ideal for full self-driving. This will be fundamental to Tesla’s success in the race to accomplishing full self-driving!


35. First car company to attempt complete automation in the construction of their cars using robots => OUTCOME: unsuccessful, but Tesla learned valuable lessons on mass production and their factories are the most heavily automated in the industry, delivering huge cost savings to the company.

36. First car company to develop their own batteries in-house

37. First car company to build a Gigafactory – i.e. a battery manufacturing plant that is dedicated solely to the mass-production of batteries, using economies of scale to bring down the cost of a battery cell.

38. First car company to attempt creating a DRY- based battery cell in house– currently constructing 4680 cells, awaiting completion

39. First car company to sell other energy products under the same brand – solar roofs & battery storage- this is an untapped multi-trillion dollar market!

40. First and only car company to perform die-casting (Giga casting) = this is alien-like technology, brand new, first of its kind, exclusive to Tesla only, taken from Space X. The machine squirts 2,000 pounds of a specially patented aluminum alloy into a press which solidifies it in a second. This will delete an average of 170 parts into 1, deleting an average of 300 robots from the plant for each single giga cast machine installed. (SOURCE: Elon Musk) More of these machines are being assembled and have been spotted in the Texas, Berlin, Shanghai and Freemont plants. There are 7 of these machines so far with more to come.

41. The Cybertruck- the first electric pick-up truck of its kind

42. Cybertruck’s steel exoskeleton will be the first car to be shaped from a single piece using lasers and the giga-casting technique.

43. First In-house supercharger factory dedicated to mass producing 10,000 superchargers per year at Giga Shanghai

44. First car company to develop & mass produce their own in-house microchip, (was the most powerful microchip in the world back in 2019, not kidding)

45. First & only automotive company to have their own in-house built AI SaaS system – (i.e. the Dojo)

46. First & only non-Chinese automotive company to be given permission to build their own factory in China without the need to involve an internal Chinese company. Huge cost savings in labour fees.

47. Only car company to achieve positive growth of over +20 % during the pandemic. Average car output from all other automotive companies dropped by -13 %!

48. First automobile to be involved in a robotaxi network as part of the Las Vegas Loop project– a fleet of Teslas provide underground service as part of a Robo-taxi network – should open this year 2021

49. First & Only car company to receive free, driving data from its fleet of cars regarding driving habits (for insurance), and machine learning (for full self-driving)

50. First commercial car to achieve level 3 autonomy

51. First time a car could actually APPRECIATE in value, as an asset rather than DEPRECIATE in value. This is due to: over-the-air software updates, low cost of vehicle repair and the potential for Tesla cars to become a robotaxi fleet where the Tesla owner gets paid for hosting a taxi service; this reversal has NEVER happened before in the history of automobiles, except classical cars!

Currently, Tesla’s have the lowest depreciation cost in the world. The average new Tesla car bought after 1-year period of ownership only depreciates by 5 %. In contrast, BMWs ICE car 3 series depreciates by 38 % from 1 year of purchase!


52. The first company to delete car keys, requiring only your smartphone and the Tesla app

53. Deletion of almost all plastic button controls from the side and central consoles, reducing complexity and allowing for seamless over-the-air software updates.

54. Deletion of multiple manual air-con fans, and replacing it with a single front piece controlled with the central console.

55. Deletion of Driver dash display in the Model 3, instead only using the central console

56. Deletion of the gear shift & PRND stalk! – the car anticipates where you want to go, though you can over-ride on the central console – this is a HUGE step in the lead to self-driving.

57. Deletion of the mirrors on a light duty truck, in this case, the cybertruck

58. The deletion of paint (for the Cybertruck) – this is a HUGE cost on an unnecessary appliance & HUGE time saving; The paint shop is the longest process for car manufacturing.

59. Deletion of 170 metal parts into 1 using a gigacast– deleting an average of 300 robots from the plant per single giga cast machine. There are 7 of these alien-like machines accounted for so far with more to come.No other car company has this and likely will never have it!

60. The deletion of car dealerships – Tesla stores are shops only. Very few dealerships. Dealerships are unnecessary, add an extra barrier and incur a heavy cost to the customer. Tesla sales reps are actually just advisors – Cutting out this middle man saves money to the customer and to Tesla.

61. The deletion of any need for physical contact between the customer and Tesla (Contactless delivery).

62. The deletion of mass marketing & advertising, relying only on fans, hype and Elon Musk’s twitter account, saving the company billions

63. The deletion of their PR department – Tesla closed it down permanently last year.

Upcoming changes:

64. The deletion of the windscreen wiper stalk – See Tesla Deep Rain Neural network

65. The deletion of the seat belt, instead relying on the deployment of airbags

Look at the contrast here!

Tesla has only existed for 15 years as a company, was heavily shorted, didn’t have that much money to their name, does not advertise and has been responsible for ALL the breakthroughs.

Meanwhile, other traditional automotive companies which have existed for 70-80 years, have 100s of billions of dollars at their disposal and use mass advertising to broadcast their products to consumers –they are responsible for NO breakthroughs!

Tesla is clearly a very special company that’s only just getting started.

And now the company is cash rich, no debt, still no advertising and are continuing to innovate at a faster rate!

Moreover, I have not emphasised the other major projects which could each make Tesla hundreds of billions of dollars.

They are:

  1. AI training using the Dojo – selling it to other companies as SaaS
  2. The expansion of Tesla Insurance
  3. Tesla Arcade – video games
  4. The Tesla robotaxi network
  5. the rapid expansion of their solar roof division
  6. Home battery storage (currently a whopping 50 % gross profit margin),
  7. Large Grid battery storage for power stations
  8. Their autobidder software, which could forge an entirely new way of distributing energy within the grid, where customers become their own virtual public distribution utility.
  9. A new HVAC system?
  10. The Las Vegas Loop (an underground, autonomous car transport system powered by Tesla automobiles) with more projects potentially underway

These technologies are all capable of combining and working synergistically with each other in a closed ecosystem monopolised entirely by Tesla.

And these projects are going to be worth way more in the future, far more so than their current car selling division! We are looking at trillions here people!

Again, feel free to copy and paste this document, save it as a document, alter it, update it! Please correct me if anything is wrong! Let me know if you can think of anymore!

By the way, this platform is a great way of using the internet hive mind to get one up on institutional investors.

Posted by Reddit user SpiritualFail3469.