AYTU Stock: Aytu Bioscience’s Healight technology shows promise

Shares of Aytu Bioscience (AYTU) has seen an increase to $9 when the company tweeted that it has a good announcement coming soon.

Many investors are speculating that it may be an announcement of the merger with Neos Therapeutics (NEOS) resulting in a name change to Aytu Biopharma, how ever the other half of investors are looking for something beyond the merger with NEOS.

Could FDA approval for Healight be around the corner?

The company has recently released pilot study data on the Healight technology, we find that endotracheal UVA light catheter therapy reduces SARS-CoV-2 viral load and improves clinical outcomes in mechanically ventilated SARS-CoV-2 patients.

Aside from coronavirus, utilization of internal UVA light may have numerous other respiratory applications. Aytu BioScience will continue to engage with researchers in multiple therapeutic areas to continue to build on this technology platform.

Since this is a pilot study FDA approval may be granted soon now that the feasibility of this technology is good, however the company would have to go through some more tests in line with FDA guidelines.