Cathie Wood ARKX Space Exploration ETF set effective Monday

ARK Invest is ran by popular investment star Cathie Wood, their ARKX Space Exploration ETF is set effective on Monday, March 29. This means that the ETF may be ready to trade as early as next week.

From history, ARK ETF’s begin trading around $20 per share. Today, I will dig deep and predict which space stocks may be entering the new ETF.

Stocks that may be in the new ARKX Space Exploration ETF

  1. Redwire (GNPK)
    This is currently a SPAC, Redwire is currently profitable according to their investor presentation and has tremendous future growth potential.
  2. BlackSky (SFTW)
    This is currently a SPAC, the company offers global monitoring and geospatial intelligence.
  3. Rocket Lab (VACQ)
    This is currently a SPAC, this company offers aerospace manufacturing and small satellite launch services. Rocket Labs recently announced it has passed it’s 100 satellite milestone.
  4. Spire Global (NSH)
    This is currently a SPAC, Spire Global provides space to cloud data and analytic solutions. Similarly to BlackSky, they specialize in tracking of global datasets for maritime, aviation and weather patterns.

Space is about to get hot

Space exploration is another industry that is currently gaining renewed traction. It has gained the attention of billionaires like big ecommerce company Amazon ‘s Jeff Bezos and electric vehicle maker Tesla’s Elon Musk. Since Cathie Wood is blew up this market in January 2021, investors have been looking for stocks that might fit her fund.

For investors, that means this is a red-hot opportunity, especially because so many look to Wood as an influencer in the market. If she is endorsing space stocks through her ETF, many others will take that as a sign to follow suit.

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    Why not Astra? Seems like a shoo in to me…