Exro Technologies (OTC:EXROF) heading electric gear box alternative

Exro Technologies (OTC:EXROF), CEO formerly General Electric (GE), develops intelligent control solutions in power electronics. The company has developed a new class of control technology that expands the capabilities of electric motors, generators, and batteries.

The company designed a coil driver and is able to switch coil configurations in an electric motor. For those who don’t know what that matters, it gives you the opportunity to switch in your motor performance. This results in their case in a 2 speed electric motor. Whereas all electric motors used currently only are single speed.

You can see it as an electric gearbox – which solves problems in efficiency:

  1. No gears are necessary anymore – Gears produce mechanical friction losses and thus reduce efficiency
  2. For simple motor configurations like an electric bike or electric motor cycle a single speed suffices as they usually don’t drive high speeds, with this configuration even for these applications more efficiency can be squeezed out of the motor as you have multiple operation modes of your electric motor. Peak efficiency can typically be found somewhere half way max peak speed and max torque. Because you have multiple top speeds and top torque output you can then switch in peak efficiency dependent on how fast you want to drive.

Currently, Their company is in pre-revenue state, they have just validated their first product (the one that is applicable to electric motor cycles). They will be coming with models up to 800V which is industry standard in Electric Vehicles and think also suitable for trucks. They are planning to go in production Q4 2021 to Q1 2022 with their first product.

Bottom line

I love this company as I have designed an in-wheel electric motor myself once and worked with 2 types of motor inverters. I think this is 100% doable, given that they choose their electric components and switching strategy (coil switching) wisely. Given that they have a team with several PhD’ers in the power electronics field and an A team board and executive team I am behind their project.

Also they are well funded and have multiple patents outstanding, they want to up list and have multiple strong connections in the field they are working with, also multiple arrangements with companies (see other DD below) whom are really interested and currently validating EXRO’s technologies, hence there is commitment from the industry.

I personally love the KTM connection with Heinzmann as KTM is one of the world’s leading producer of cross motors which also makes loads of regulars motors, whom haven’t been replaced yet with electric motors. Which I think this will be perfectly suitable to.

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    I saw that there’s a subreddit for Exro Technologies specifically with tons more information and photos. There’s a number of catalysts coming soon. Can’t wait to see more…