FROG Stock: JFrog can achieve full autonomous driving

FROG Stock: JFrog can achieve full autonomous driving

JFrog (FROG) is in a spot that you rarely ever see: a spot where the market doesn’t quite understand what they do. You get the chance to capitalize by understanding.

I think this company is massively overlooked, and here is why:

Their main product is JFrog Artifactory, a universal repository for software binaries (executable code). It also serves as a mirror repository – it stores local copies of Open Source Software. They also offer JFrog Xray, which scans those Open Source libraries for malware/vulnerabilities. JFrog Pipelines then puts the pieces together, automating the “building” of the software. And the last piece is JFrog Distribution, which packages up the finished software package and delivers it to its destination (a piece of hardware, like your car, phone, watch, computer).

As a metaphor, let’s use a pizza restaurant. Artifactory is the walk-in fridge, Xray is the health inspector, Pipelines is the chef, and Distribution is the delivery driver. They all work together seamlessly so that you can get your pizza.

JFROG easily plugs into Autonomous Driving market

JFrog already has partnerships with all of the big players in autonomous driving — Tesla, Lucid, BMW, Daimler, Toyota Motors, etc. They actually have an Automotive DevOps conference every year. JFrog is the sole reason that you no longer have to turn your car off to apply an update, it’s just done automatically over the air.

I’m going to fit the earlier framework into the framework of Autonomous Driving-

  • Developers want to improve the function of their vehicles, so they write fresh new code or pull in a new open-source software package
  • The fresh code they write, along with the open-source packages is stored in Artifactory
  • The code and open-source packages pulled in need to be scanned for vulnerabilities – this is done with JFrog Xray
  • The open-source parts and the fresh written parts need to be combined into a program and tested for errors – this is done with JFrog Pipelines
  • The code then needs to be delivered over-the-air to the vehicles, seamlessly – this is done with JFrog Distribution

As the autonomous driving industry grows to over 3 trillion by 2025, this specific use case is going to explode.

You may have heard of the Solarwinds and FireEye data hacks/leaks, described as a “supply chain vulnerability” attack or “dependency confusion”. The toolset JFrog offers is the best thing on the market to combat this kind of threat, and will stand to benefit from the need to increase cyber security. JFrog’s Xray tool won the DevSecOps solution of the year award in 2020, beating out all the tools available on the market by a significant margin. Analyst firm GigaOm also placed JFrog Xray as the best tool available, beating out other options from Gitlab and Micro Focus.

With each one of these huge leaks like CapitalOne, Equifax and others, the development industry sees another huge shift towards security, and JFrog is positioned to scoop up all of this business. Now, CapitalOne always presents at JFrog conferences now, and they’re a huge champion for JFrog now that they’re using JFrog’s solution to plug their security holes.

Bottom line

JFrog has a great product, and they are uniquely positioned to corner a growing market which has high barriers to entry. They have proven to be forward-thinking and have fantastic financials.

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    Absolutely right, I think market does not understand the situation because it is quite complicated to describe for a casual person