COVID-19 vaccine giant Vaccitech (VACC) plans U.S. IPO at $17

COVID-19 vaccine developer giant Vaccitech (VACC) will begin trading under ticker symbol VACC via ADR on U.S. exchange NASDAQ.

The firm co-invented the now on-market AstraZeneca (AZN) COVID-19 vaccine and was spun out of the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute, “one of the most prestigious vaccine research centers in the world.

As vaccination rollouts begin to intensify across the world, businesses performing the behind-the-scenes job to get these vaccinations to the population are receiving overwhelming publicity.

Big Pharma companies like Gilead Sciences (GILD) have now invested in the company’s current product portfolio, which includes drugs for hepatitis B, breast cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer.

Vaccitech has an established track record in high-quality science, which has resulted in the AstraZeneca vaccine being fast-tracked. Indeed, if investors believe in the VACC tale, this stock has the potential to soar after the IPO.

Vaccitech’s drug pipeline is remarkable, in my opinion. Indeed, both of these drugs are also in the early phases of clinical trials. Speculators, on the other hand, have a knack for betting on certain games. As a result, based on current market conditions, I anticipate a high-volatility IPO with a higher likelihood of a good launch.