Ginkgo Bioworks to acquire Dutch DNA

Organism company Ginkgo Bioworks entered into an agreement to acquire fungal platform technology company Dutch DNA.

The development of fungal strains and fermentation techniques for the synthesis of proteins and organic acids was the focus of platform technology. Ginkgo will pay a mix of cash and stock to acquire 100% of Dutch DNA shares under the terms of the purchase agreement. In addition, some Dutch DNA stakeholders will receive earn-out payments if one or more technical and commercialization milestones are met.

Ginkgo will incorporate Dutch DNA’s staff, assets, and operations into the wider Ginkgo platform for cell programming, and will expand Ginkgo’s activities abroad for the first time. The deal is scheduled to be completed in July.

Ginkgo’s objective is to make biology easier to engineer, so that cells can be programmed as readily as computers can be programmed. By drawing on previously defined DNA code and organisms that have been optimized for production, Ginkgo’s increasing “Codebase” of biological information, strains, and techniques for cell programming enables its clients to construct complicated cell programs more effectively.

The enormous knowledge and assets of Dutch DNA in large-scale protein manufacturing would provide a powerful set of tools to Ginkgo’s clients across markets.