Lexaria Bioscience (LEXX) announces data from HYPER-A21-1 study

Lexaria Bioscience (LEXX) announces data from HYPER-A21-1 study

Shares of Lexaria Bioscience (LEXX) surged as high as 51% when the company announced that it has results from their HYPER-A21-1 study.

Lexaria Bioscience , a global innovator in drug delivery platforms, announced successful outcomes in its first sets of data from its 2021 applied research and development (R&D) study programs.

According to the press release,  HYPER-A21-1 included three new “DehydraTECH 2.0” formulation variations designed to enable cannabidiol (“CBD”) delivery performance enhancements and pharmacokinetic optimization. All three new DehydraTECH 2.0 formulations delivered improved performance when compared to both Lexaria’s original DehdyraTECH 1.0 and 2.0 concentration-matched formulations, as well as to a medium chain triglyceride (“MCT”) oil based control formulation representative of standard industry practices.

The study demonstrated successful results that the company was looking for,  the new DehydraTECH 2.0 formulations delivered very high levels of CBD absorption into brain tissues, dwarfing the levels achieved with the MCT oil-based control formulation and delivered 907%-1,737% more CBD into brain tissue than the MCT oil based control formulation.

These study findings add significantly to Lexaria’s body of evidence demonstrating the ability of its DehydraTECH technology to be engineered to enhance the delivery of lipophilic active ingredients such as CBD across a range of uptake levels, whereby higher delivery level targets may be most applicable to pharmaceutical dosage forms and lower delivery level targets more suited to consumer packaged goods.