Why you should look at Quisitive (QUISF)

Quisitive (QUISF) is a Canada-based digital Technology consulting company. The company provides solutions that enable enterprise organizations to move and operate in the cloud as well as offering its own SaaS payment solution known as ledger pay. Ledger pay allows merchants from gas stations, restaurants, fast food chains and any business including e-commerce to automatically enrol new customers into loyalty programs without requiring the customers to do anything on their end.

Ledger Pay’s technology tracks purchases made by the customers and then uses its AI to predict future purchases and offer personalized offers, allowing merchants a pathway for connecting to customers, creating a more meaningful shopping experience, and fostering long-term repeat business.

They cite a recent study by Deloitte, which found that the average loyalty app loses 95% of its active user base within 90-days of being downloaded and 54% of the remaining memberships go inactive within the first year.

This new kind of loyalty program allows brick and mortar retailers access to the customer ID and tracking that online retailers are using without annoying the customers and requiring them to take any actions on their end like signing up for anything.

One of my favourite lines from the CEO during the Q4 earnings call and that is “Once LedgerPay is at full commercialization and scaling thru Bankcard it will really turn the tide for us to generating strong operating margins and free cash flow for quis to go out and acquire more ISOs to scale LP thru to compound our capital and make quis an attractive investment to institutions.”

IMO I wouldn’t be surprised to see quis hit $5 in a year’s time and probably $10 within 2 or 3, with all the good news lined up, the amazing product and the phenomenal management team they got. This is easily a 10 times bagger, they already have 7500 customers with the product not even fully launching yet, if a big store like Walmart or target pilots ledger pay this could easily hit 10.

Sourced on Reddit by u/Forkgaism